VOW-Inspire Network is a Media outlet and Production Comapny designed to spread hope, healing, and wisdom through  Inspirational content and the gospel.

We provide a platform for faith-based visionaries and influencers all over the world. Our aim is to make an impact on an international scale.



Coach/Pastor Jennifer Chewe is the Founder of VOW-Inspire Network. 

She is a powerful Leadership and Transformation coach who focuses on helping others rewrite their life story for reinvention, transition, and wellness.

She is also the Founder of  Tabernacle of Peace Ministries, and Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand Foundation.

Her organization Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand Foundation Inc. develops mentorship programs that train mentor coaches and support non-governmental organizations to Inspire families to thrive for wholeness through coaching tools and education.

She is a published Author who has been featured in "Successful Life Story Transformations" with Dr. David Krueger. Her first work “Contending for Harvest” was released in 2017.


Media Director/Admin

April D. Byrd is a Writer and Producer who  works with many notable brands and collaborates with various positive media outlets.

She's also the creator of Breathoflifedaily.com, a website dedicated to sharing encouragement and inspiration.

She uses her platform to be a source of uplift and information.