Member Post: Go Back To School


Have you taken an extended break from school?

After high school, maybe you had no plans to attend college. Maybe your parents couldn’t afford it. Maybe you felt that you weren’t made for college. Maybe you had to go straight into the workforce to provide for your family.

Whatever hindered you, I want to remind you that it’s never too late to go back to school. You may have needed the break to figure life out, but it’s time to get back focused and finish strong.

  • Finish What You Never Started

Some us never stepped foot onto a college campus. Although we wanted to experience that life we never had the opportunity because of the conditions that surrounded us blocked us from reaching that goal. You may have never had the chance to start, but now the resources are readily available all you must do is reach out  and grab it. There are community colleges and even college courses you can take online.

There are many variables to consider before enrolling in a school. The cost of tuition, the length of the program, class schedule, your work schedule, etc. I believe that God has graced you to go to school. You’ll find the balance you need to juggle between work, school, and family.

  • Finish What You Started

Many have started college courses, but never finished. It’s nothing like starting something and then life throwing a curve ball that knocks you completely of track. You lose focus and give up on ever finishing that degree. Procrastination has kept you bound for years. I dare you to go and finish what you started.

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