Member Post: Now Is The Time


Welcome welcome welcome and I’m so glad you decided to join me on this journey.  I was just sitting here and thinking what should I share next. I am so honored to be able to share what God has given me. I really wanted to encourage and honestly be real, because behind every great victory there is a remarkable story.

There is a story of how you almost died, how no one was in your corner, but you made it!  You are making it, and that is your truth, never be ashamed of your story.  When we hear about celebrities and you see the glow up, do you ever wonder where they were before they were next in line. All the days and nights of just dreaming and then finally they started preparing to go and get it! 

I want you all to realize your story, realize that everything you went through or are going through is not just because of nothing. I’m sure if you are reading that you probably have lost someone so near and dear to your heart, I know I have. You probably had to work your entire life to get where you want to be, and you still feel like nothing is working out.  Never be ashamed in how you start it’s about how you finish. So, it’s up to you to write on your own pages, let God be your guide and begin to write it.

 I wrote in my last blog about your scars, this is the stage of ripping your bandages off. This stage takes courage, the stage where it separates the real from the fake. When you do this, you will not be able to hide anyone. Society makes it hard for people to be real about their truth. We don’t want the story of having a rough life, we just want the riches and fame. Believe it or not you have to pay for riches and fame so be careful what you ask for.

Not everyone’s story is the same, we all may not experience what the next person has. Never take life for granted because there is someone who has it worst off then you.  No one knows all the hard nights you have stayed up at night stressed over your next move. No one knows how hard you had to pray over your husband to get it right. No one knows the days you didn’t have food to feed your own kids.  These are things that make and break us as people, these are our moments of truth.

Take your stories and use them to help the next person in line. The best healing is when you talk about it and share it with others, there is a strong therapy behind it. Sometimes we tend to keep it to ourselves, why is that? Is it that we feel we will be judged?  Is it not what everyone else would do? Imagine the people that are waiting for you to stand up and talk. I was very guilty of it and wouldn’t say a word, so I chose to write it out instead in a book for all to read.

When I began to write I started to feel all the pain come back and I started to remember all over again. The pages of my story are my healing and I had to write it out.  When we are scared and embarrassed about our truth you are holding on to everything that happened to you, yes you will say “I let it go”, or “it’s in the past” but let’s be honest there will always be thoughts in the back of your mind.

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